About me

My posts are about desire, the movements of our hearts that define what matters to us, those inspirations, gifts and joys, uniquely ours that we alone have been graced with to share with our world. To be ‘Returned To Ourself’ is a homecoming of sorts, when having come face to face with the wonder and depth of who we are, we can live more fully in awe of the world in all its ‘wonder and depth.’

This homecoming is a movement, a process which persists all through the course of our lives. The movement is towards wholeness, where we begin to see each moment of our lives as occasions for engagement and connection, when all that is asked of us is to simply pay attention. The theologian Pierre Teilhard de Chardin S.J. described every aspect of our life, the very air we breathe as a divine milieu, where the gifts of life, of each other, of the natural world itself are more than gifts, they are of God. This divine milieu, writes St. Ignatius of Loyola in the Spiritual Exercises, asks us to see ourselves within this loving, giving, and engaging environment.

Each of us is an essential player in this drama, so with these precious few moments we are given, let us take advantage of this gift of ourself we have been graced with and exuberantly embrace this world and all that is in it.