Returned to Ourself

Reflections on the journey towards wholeness; On the peace that finds us when, relieved from trying to become somehow "better", we live true to ourselves; And on the freedom found when our "belovedness" moves from a pious concept to the living breathing person we can be in the world.


"We All Live In The Same House"

*“We are all people,” Lewis said. “We are one family; we all live in the same house…it is better to love than to hate; it is better to be loved than divided.”* Representative John Lewis 2016


The Lover and Their Beloved

A post on St. Ignatius Loyola might seem to make the above title incongruous, but a love story is at the heart of the man. Ignatius, a Basque mystic who in the 16th century founded The Society of Jesus, whom we know as Jesuits, wrote that the everyday world is the medium in which love is encountered and embraced, and that in this exchange our humanity reaches its fulfillment.


Voting Is An Act Of Love

Loving and voting rarely make it into the same sentence, especially now when what I love would most likely apply only to loving to see the other side lose. But what we love must be in the heart of that circle we fill in on our ballot. To do otherwise is to waste a moment when we actually get to stand up and make a statement about ‘who I am,’ and stake our claim that what we hold in our hearts is worth my vote.



“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Teresa I was sitting on a beach a few years ago looking out on the ocean. There was nothing especially notable about that particular day, not one of those brilliantly clear vistas, in fact it was a warm morning with the sun making the horizon hazy and indistinct. There were a few birds flying past, a faint call off from the distance. In short, there was nothing of any postcard significance, just a warm morning along the Pacific coast.