Returned And Restored

To be "returned to ourself" is simply to be brought back into the truth of who each of us is. All the philosophies, theologies, or ideologies, for all their value, cannot compare with the richness and life that already exists within us. Notice the "returning" is done to us, not by us. This is important, for it is through our relationship with others and with God that we are brought back. Brought back, kind of to where we started, but to a self that emerges as infinitely "more" by way of the exchange with that "other."


Do Something

Author Robin DiAngelo in her best selling book, White Fragility, describes white people’s complicity in the societal structures of racism as an inescapable consequence of our being silent. This silence provides us the cover to deny we have any responsibility to make right an unjust system that in its undeniable effects favors ‘us’ and punishes ‘them.’ Ms. DiAngelo explains this denial does not necessarily make a person ‘bad,’ that that is actually irrelevant, but, that denial sanctions those racist structures. To deny this reality is to sustain it, and that is not what we want to do.